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  Fixed Fees  take control of your costs - take control of your future  We will always try to offer a fixed fee for the work if that is your preference.  You can instruct us as much or as little as you wish, as and when you need to  Call us today for your free initial consultation 01525 40 60 30  email us at or ask us a question using our online enquiry form 

Many people like to have an initial face to face advice meeting to discuss matters generally and provide you with the information you need to be able to approach your spouse to discuss possible settlements. If you feel unable to communicate directly with the other party or their solicitor we can do this for you. You can take over at any stage and come back to us for further advice if and when you need to. 
We often provide ongoing advice while mediation is taking place so that you can come to us between mediation sessions to discuss proposals and alternatives to what is being offered by the other party. 
Fixed fees 
One of our most popular options is to have a detailed written advice, often called Counsel's opinion, at the outset so that you have a document to be able to digest at your own pace and refer back to it whilst discussions with your spouse or mediation sessions are ongoing. We offer this for a fixed fee.  
We will send you a questionnaire so you can provide us with full details of your circumstances and highlight the issues you are most concerned about. We will then provide you a detailed written advice informing you of the relevant issues in your case, how a court would approach the matter, outlining your options, or lack of options, the strengths and weaknesses in your case and the next steps should you wish to take matters further. 
If you are the Petitioner (person who initiates the divorce) we can deal with your divorce for a fixed fee- you will also have to pay the Court fee to issue the divorce - currently £550 
If you are the Respondent (your spouse is divorcing you) we can deal with this for you for a fixed fee  
If you have an agreement with your spouse about financial issues such as what happens to the house, will you share pensions, is spousal maintenance going to be paid, it is vital you have a financial consent order. We can make the agreement legally binding for you for a fixed fee. 
you will also have to pay the Court fee for a Judge to approve your agreement - currently £50 
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How much does a divorce cost? 
How much does a children case cost? 
What are the Court fees? 
Who pays the divorce costs? 
Does the cost of divorce include dealing with the children and finances? 
How can I control the costs? 
Can I claim any of the costs back from the other party? 
Is there anything I can do to save costs in a divorce? 
If we can't agree about the children what will it cost to have a Judge decide? 
What are the costs if my divorce has to go to court? 
Is it expensive to sort out the financial issues arising out of my divorce? 
Can I get a clean break order? 
Can I get legal aid or a reduction in costs? 
Can I ask my spouse to help pay my legal costs? 
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