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 Costs  We understand that the costs of legal advice and representation is always a concern.  Having complete control over the costs of your divorce or family matter can make a considerable difference to the  experience of using a lawyer to assist with your relationship and children issues.  Call us today to discuss the costs of divorce free initial consultation 01525 40 60 30  email us at or ask us a question using our online enquiry form 


You can consult us as much or as little as you need to. We are happy to provide one off advice at any stage or just represent you at a Court hearing or at a particular point in negotiations with the other party or their lawyer. We will assist you in considering which tasks you are able to take on yourself and advise you when it is prudent to consider expert legal advice, drafting of documents and legal discussions or to be represented at Court.  
We can offer fixed fees for specified stages in the process so that you can choose which tasks you can take on yourself and when you want us to act. This enables you to decide in advance where you will get the best value for your money and so retain control of your budget throughout. 
If you want us to take over your case entirely we will provide a detailed costs estimate at the outset and review this with you regularly to ensure you are kept informed of progress and made aware of any variation in the estimate, and the reasons for it, at the earliest possible stage. 
Take control of your costs 
Take control of your future 
It is usual in divorce proceedings based on unreasonable behaviour or adultery to ask the court to make an order that the other party pays your legal costs. It is good practice for family lawyers to address the issue of costs before issuing divorce proceedings in an attempt to minimise the issues. The cost of arguing about which party should pay the costs can often cost more in itself than the amount of the original costs that are in dispute so it is much better to compromise if possible.  
If the other party has requested an order that you pay their costs without consulting you there is an opportunity to comment on this when you send back the Acknowledgement of the divorce petition and say that you don't agree to pay the costs. You also have the opportunity to attend Court to speak to the Judge about it on the day your Decree Nisi (the first stage of divorce) is pronounced. 
When dealing with cases about children the general rule is that each party will pay their own costs and it is also very unusual for the court to make an order that the other party pays the costs of any court hearings dealing with financial claims that arise out of the divorce proceedings. Unless one party has failed to adhere to court directions or timescales, or to make full and frank disclosure about their financial circumstances then you will each be paying your own costs out of your share of the matrimonial assets and/or your own income, this 'rule' is to encourage the parties to reach agreement at an early stage and not engage in adversarial or less relevant communications if they can be avoided. 
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