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 About Us  What does Direct Access mean for the public?  Solicitors and Barristers are both lawyers, they are different branches of the same profession.   It is very much like the difference between your GP and a consultant. Your GP will always be the first port of call,  they will gather the information and deal with any preliminary issues and then, if need be, refer you on to a specialist.   Barristers are trained advocates and are also specialists in their chosen field.  Traditionally Barristers would have come into a case at a later stage, after the solicitor has gathered all the information, undertaken initial enquiries and discussions with the other party and issued court proceedings where necessary. Direct Access allows the public to go directly to a Barrister without the need to see a solicitor first. The majority of direct access barristers are limited in the work they are able to undertake because they are not permitted to deal with a number of aspects of a case such as issuing applications and communicating with the court or other lawyers, instructing experts, taking responsibility for handling of client’s affairs or handling client monies. In this instance you would need to deal with the administrative side of your case. Whilst the Barrister can draft letters for you they have to come from you and you have to deal directly with the other party or their solicitor and with the Court.  Some Barristers, however, also have earned, and are licenced for, the right to conduct litigation which means they can do all the work a solicitor does. The main advantages of this are saving in costs, only needing one lawyer instead of one at the start and having another coming on board to assist at a later date and the option to go straight to an expert at the outset.  Call us today for your free initial consultation 01525 40 60 30  email us at or ask us a question using our online enquiry form 



About Heritage Park Chambers 

Heritage Park Chambers has been set up by Lisa Smith, a barrister with more than 20 years experience who is licenced as a Public Access barrister and who has also been granted the right to conduct litigation.  
Lisa has worked in prestigious London Chambers as a self employed Barrister, in Local Authorities advising on children issues and in employed practice for many years with a national specialist family law firm and also in the family departments of local solicitors’ offices. As such she has worked both as a Barrister and, in effect, as a solicitor. 
By having the right to conduct litigation Lisa is authorised not only to advise and draft documents on direct instructions from her clients, but also to perform all of the administrative and procedural functions previously undertaken only by solicitors. This all encompassing qualification allows your case to be managed throughout by someone who understands family law from both the advocate's and the solicitor's perspective and who has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of family law cases.  
Lisa is committed to helping you resolve matters in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. 
A free initial no obligation consultation is offered by telephone, via email, or at a face to face meeting at our offices if you prefer, in order to discuss your options, the next steps and the costs implications. 
More information on direct access to a barrister is available through the Bar Council's Direct Access Portal 

Don’t barristers always go to court? 

Having a court deal with your family issues is expensive, stressful and unpredictable and should always be considered as a last resort. Lisa is committed to using all available measures to ensure that Court proceedings are avoided unless absolutely necessary. Having an expert working for you from the outset who can analyse the facts and the law and provide you with detailed advice about your situation enables you to consider proposals for resolution at the earliest possible stage and start negotiations, whether directly with your partner, via a mediator or between lawyers. 
Costs, time and stress levels can be considerably reduced by having a clear picture of the ‘best and worst case scenarios’ at the earliest possible opportunity and so being able to consider your ‘bottom line’ and what that means for you and your family. 
There is huge emphasis now on Alternative Dispute Resolution of family law issues, whereby parties reach agreement without recourse to litigation. Lisa is fully committed to the resolution process and has many years of experience in negotiating settlements for her clients so as to eliminate the need for contested Court Proceedings. 
Instructing Lisa allows you to investigate the best routes to achieve compromise, whilst remaining supported and represented throughout by just one lawyer, to as great or little extent as you wish. 
As with other Direct Access barristers, you can, if you wish, undertake the majority of the work yourself and deal directly with the other party or their lawyer, conducting the litigation, writing letters, issuing proceedings, preparing bundles, and thus avoid paying for such help. Lisa’s additional right to conduct litigation however means you are completely in control of how much or how little assistance you require, and at what stage; you can instruct Lisa at the outset or on an ‘ad hoc’ basis as and when you wish and you will never have a need to call upon an additional lawyer however protracted or complex your matters might become. 
Direct Public Access and Legal Services from Heritage Park Chambers allows you to: 
• Understand and address the issues in detail at the outset and be assured of continuity in your case with no duplication of work 
• Minimise legal costs, in avoiding the costs of solicitors and seeking efficient and practical solutions at the earliest opportunity 
• Retain control of legal costs and expenditure in dealing with your matter 
• Receive personal, supportive legal advice and service from the same person throughout 
• Take a flexible approach whilst ensuring you receive the type of assistance best suited to your circumstances 
• Engage the services of a lawyer who understands all aspects of the legal process and has extensive experience of both branches of the profession 
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