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 Call us today for your free initial consultation 01525 40 60 30 email us at or ask us a question using our online enquiry form  Many people experiencing relationship difficulties choose to have written advice, often called Counsel's opinion, at the outset. This way you have a document setting out general advice about your case to be able to digest at your own pace and refer back  to during discussions with your spouse or partner or while mediation sessions are ongoing.  We can offer this for a fixed fee so you know the cost at the outset.  We will send you a questionnaire so you can provide us with full details of your circumstances and highlight the issues you are most concerned about. We will then provide you with a detailed written advice informing you of the relevant issues in your case, how a court would approach the matter, outlining your options, or lack of options, the strengths and weaknesses in your case and the next steps should you wish to take matters further. 

 When a couple separates there are a number of important issues to be considered and resolved 

With emotions running high however, discussions can be focused more on ‘blame’ and ‘consequences’ and practical discussions about ‘facts and figures’ can be very difficult. 
There are no right answers and each case is different but there are some key concepts and factors to be taken into account that are essentially the same no matter what your circumstances, or reasons for the relationship breakdown. 
Having some general advice about your situation at the outset together with detailed information about the way the court would approach a case can be invaluable in helping you to consider the issues in your case that are relevant. 
This can enable you to have direct discussions with the other party to consider possible scenarios that might work in your case and make it more likely you can reach agreement without the court having to intervene. 
We can offer fixed fee written advice about your situation at the outset, or at any stage, in order for you to be able to consider your options and protect your position together with detailed information about the process and possible outcomes. 
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